With Reebok Australia’s first flagship store opening at Chadstone, Good Ideas Studio undertook the challenge of crafting an unforgettable launch experience.

After two months of dynamic collaboration with the Reebok marketing team, a plan had been put in place and ready to be executed;

1. Mural design and installation

2. “The Other Job” - A short film

3. Photo campaign

4. Artist collaboration - Aki Yaguchi

5. Tote Bag Production

The Other Job

A short film by Good Ideas

Rather than putting together a quick hype highlight reel, the decision was made to create a cinematic, high-production short film that would better represent the essence of the campaign’s vision.

This was filmed at night after the day’s painting at the store and was ready to be released the following week.

Photo Campaign

The idea driving the photo shoot went beyond a simple documentation of the “Install team” mural in the store. The goal was to capture the candid moments behind the scenes; the vibrant energy and genuine excitement shared among everyone involved, as well as showcasing how each team member played a unique part, contributing to the execution of the project.

Aki Yaguchi

Artist Collaboration

This project had an emphasis on highlighting local artists, so there was no one better to go to than Aki Yaguchi.

In the middle of her residency at Good Ideas Studio, Aki was tasked with designing a T-Shirt to be given out to the first 100 people at the store opening.
An artist info card was designed and printed out to compliment the shirt.



Director & D.O.P — Alfonso Alberto
Director & Art Direction — Marcos Diaz
Producer — James Chan
Executive Producer & Editor — Sam Carmex
Executive Producer — Michael Gayed
Production Manager — Will Diasnes
Photographer — Jonathan Yap
Production Assistant — Ivy Le
Production Assistant — Zico Mitchell
Mural Artist — Lucas Geor
Editor & Colour Grade — Abraham Fuentes
Music Composer — Will Scullin
Costume Production — Bottega Made
Styling & Design — Good Ideas

Other Projects