Western Bulldogs

Following the successful Retro Round merchandise release in 2022, the Western Bulldogs recognized the opportunity to amplify their efforts in 2023. Tasked with bringing this to life, we crafted a comprehensive three-part campaign containing photography, video production, and design elements—all with the shared goal of reigniting nostalgia and driving sales.

Video Campaign

The concept behind the video aimed to evoke a strong sense of nostalgia while sparking excitement for the return of the Diamond Dog. To accomplish this, we transformed the Good Ideas Gift Shop into the quintessential living room of a passionate 90’s Bulldogs enthusiast, with painstaking attention to every detail in the set design to ensure authenticity.

Leading talent for this shoot was none other than the Western Bulldogs’ captain, Marcus Bontempelli, who was joined by teammates Tim English and Rory Lobb. To authentically capture the essence of the 90’s era, tied things off with a playful Mario Kart showdown on the Nintendo 64, providing a perfect finishing touch to transport viewers back in time.

Photo Campaign

The photo shoot served as a natural extension of the promotional video, primarily aimed at producing lifestyle and e-commerce imagery for display on social media and the Bulldogs Online Shop.


The design aspect of this campaign was divided into three key components, all with the overarching goal of completely transforming the club’s aesthetic for the entire Retro Round:

Retro Round Illustrated Assets
A style was set for the Retro Round, using a multitude of retro-inspired typography and illustrated reworks of club icons and imagery.

Doggies vs. Tigers Gameday Poster
Crafted to be freely distributed to fans attending the game, this poster served as a captivating keepsake for the day.

AFL Footy Record Front Cover
This design was destined for distribution outside the stadium, setting the tone for the round’s nostalgic journey (and victory!).

Other Projects